Words from the Woods – A Golden Morning

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Words from the Woods – A Golden Morning

Saturday, September 19, 2015

I hear so many different birds this morning – Maybe they flew in for the weekend.

This is my favorite time to sit outside at the picnic table.  The light is soft and the Catoctin Mountains slowly awaken.

Sunlight glints off finely woven webs

Strung between branches, they glow like tiny laser beams.

Acorns hit the ground as squirrels start to work

Woodpeckers knock about looking for breakfast.

This morning a breeze brushes across this mountain.  It sounds like the very beginning of a gentle rain, but this rain brings a quiet shower of gold as the tulip tree leaves fall.

Today is my last full day here and  I want to appreciate each moment.  It has been a luxury to be surrounded by my art supplies AND the beauty of the forest and be able to make the most of each without a busy schedule to interrupt me.  For this incredible opportunity, I am very grateful.

My time here has been a perfect mix of my favorite things – nature, drawing, writing, and introducing others to the joys of nature journaling.

Later –


Much later, actually, about 1am.  I have finished binding my altered book nature journal – the final step in this fun project.  I did a cross-stitch binding that I saw on YouTube to sew the signatures (groups of pages) into the cover.


I used many different papers, collected here and there, and added my favorite ephemera to give it some personality.  Here are some of the pages:

My last post from Cabin 16 will be tomorrow.





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