What to do with Those Christmas Cards – A Quick and Easy Christmas Card Journal

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What to do with Those Christmas Cards – A Quick and Easy Christmas Card Journal

I hope you haven’t thrown away those Christmas cards from this year yet. I meant to post this sooner, but got busy with you know… the holidays.

Here is a quick and easy idea for a Christmas journal with just enough space to make a few notes to remember the season.

Cut each holiday card down the center crease, but keep both sides stacked together. If it is from a business and you don’t want the signature side, just discard that half. On the left side of each card, write a note about the person who sent it – where you met or an anecdote involving them. Or jot down a note about this Christmas holiday – activities you participated in, concerts, or family gatherings.

Stack cards smallest to largest and mark two dots on each so that you can punch holes in them.   When holes are all punched, align them and fasten them together with loose leaf/book rings. I use these a lot and actually had green ones on hand, but any color will work.

DSC08050 DSC08051

You can include blank extra cards that you have on hand to use for journaling. I like to add envelopes to put photos, special tags, or remembrances in. I had a gift bag left over this year that I added at the end of the journal.

You can add package tags and stickers if you feel creative. A bit of Christmas ribbon will finish your journal off.

Imagine the possibilities here!  If you are like me, I like to save birthday cards from years past.  This would be a fun way to collect these all together and make some notes on them.

Have fun and be creative!





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