Take Pen in Hand – It’s National Handwriting Day!

Jan 23, 2017 by

Take Pen in Hand – It’s National Handwriting Day!


Every few months, I attempt to tidy up my office/studio.  Though this task in itself is one I approach with trepidation, once in a while I uncover a wonderful surprise.

Last week I was cleaning out the second drawer down in my desk.  Now, this once-organized drawer had become a haven for a variety of notepads, birthday cards with pretty pictures, and a few paper clips that had made their way down from the top drawer.  Oh, and I found my long lost “Bridges of Madison County” DVD.  I reached the bottom of the drawer and feeling good about my work so far, I noticed one more item – a little flowered card.  I opened it.  Here was a note from my mom, dated 2005, about the time she began to have memory problems.  It was a thank you for Christmas gifts with a sweet “I love you so much”  and a P. S. apologizing for getting so “mixed up”.  My mom passed away in 2009 after struggling with dementia.

I loved seeing her handwriting again, reminding me of all the birthday cards and lunchbox notes she wrote over the years.  A few years ago I was looking on my bookshelves for a blank journal and came across one that I knew had belonged to my mom.  All of the pages were empty except for the very first one which read,  “HI LINDA!” in my mom’s handwriting.

On this National Handwriting Day, write a note to someone special.  Write in your journal.  Just write.  In a time where so many thoughts are sent electronically, give your message personality. When pen meets paper, ordinary words become extraordinary.


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