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Welcome and Happy Summer!

July Picnic in Kansas, 1855 Artwork by Linda S. Johnston, copyright 2013
"My husband and self have been spending some of the hours of this Sabbath-day in writing to our good friends away in the northern land. We have given them a description of this "fairy land" though we would not trouble them with any disclosures of disappointments, etc.; for we mean to live above and outgrow them, make us a home in this sunny south, garlanded with vines, embosses around with many flowers, and wearing the halo of true and loving hearts." Miriam Colt, June 1856, from her diary.

Miriam Colt's new life in Kansas Territory certainly gave her material for her diary. And over 150 years later, summer is still a time to share stories with family and friends and create new memories. So grab your journal and start writing!

You can find out more about Miriam Colt and many other pioneers in Hope Amid Hardship: Pioneer Voices from Kansas Territory.

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