Buttercups and Cannon: Day One- High on a Hill

May 3, 2017 by

Buttercups and Cannon: Day One- High on a Hill

May 1, 2017  The first time I looked at the clock this morning, the numbers glowed 4:30 a.m.  Though I was eager to begin the day as Artist-in-Residence at Manassas National Battlefield Park, Civil War spirits might have been the only ones there at that pre-dawn hour.  A bit more sleep, breakfast, and off I went.  I did still arrive at 7:30 to begin setting up my studio space at Park Headquarters.  I won’t actually be staying at the park since I live fifteen minutes away, but will be working there each day.


My first artistic adventure this morning took me to one of my favorite viewpoints – the ruins of the Robinson house.  James Robinson chose a lovely spot for his home and garden high on a hill overlooking tree-bordered grassy meadows and with a view of the Bull Run Mountains.   Robinson was one of the wealthiest free black men in Prince William County.  Nine family members from three generations, resided here. As the battle got closer on July 21, 1861, all but James found refuge in a neighbor’s cellar.  Local history states that James took shelter under the Youngs Branch bridge.  The house, though in the midst of the fighting that day, received little damage.

I am in my element here.  Surrounded by history and nature, sketching and writing with musical accompaniment from an Eastern Meadowlark.  The sky is a bit gray which intensifies the green of the grass and the yellow of the buttercups.

Here is my sketch from today.

Tomorrow – Work on my journal and sketching at Chinn Ridge.


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