Buttercups and Cannon: Day 11-Creating a Special Journal

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Buttercups and Cannon: Day 11-Creating a Special Journal

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Today I am working on a journal that will be a record of my time here at the battlefield.

For this project, I started with an old book I found in an antique store.  It was falling apart, but had good “bones” so I rescued it and will give it a new life.  Sometimes this “gutting” process is painful, as I am a lover of books!  If the book had a note from the owner i.e. an inscription, I save that and put it on a page in the new journal. See the photo here.

Next, I took the pages out and created my own using lots of different papers I had on hand, mostly scrapbook papers and some handmade paper.  As I go, I add in cards, maps, sketches, quotes and whatever else I think will be interesting.  I have also added bookmarks,  and bits and bobs from my art supply stash.  I’ve made photocopies of some sketches from my watercolor book to add in.  For pages to record my thoughts, I add in lined paper or pockets to put notes into.

Once all of the pages are completed, I will stitch them into the binding.


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