Art & Journals

I love the combination of words and art.  To me, the two belong together.  Nature and travel are two of my favorite subjects.  Here are some photos of some of my journals and pages. Just click on an image to see a larger view.

Nature Journals and Travel Journals

This mixed-media journal is from summer 2016, when I was fortunate enough to volunteer at a summer camp for fourth graders at Catoctin Mountain Park.  It was a heartwarming experience. It is fun to use all kinds of different objects in journals.  I have lots of this stuff on hand from when I used to scrapbook and make cards.

I covered a watercolor tablet for this journal of summer scenes and notes from around my neighborhood.
























I made the journal below from an old book that I “gutted”.  This book was falling apart anyway, so I like to think I gave it a new life. The pages are from all types of paper – scrapbook paper, carboard, watercolor paper.  I worked on this to use as my Artist-in-Residence journal while at Catoctin Mountain Park.

When I travel, I take watercolor pencils for drawing and a fine-tip black pen for writing.  Most of the time, my journals are not completed when I get home, but I like to go back and finish drawings and add quotes.

For this next journal, I used notes that I made in another small journal during the England/Wales trip, then transferred those to an old British travel atlas that I found in an antiques store.  I brushed white gesso on the pages where I wanted to write. I added in words and a calender using rubber stamps.


This journal below is from a kayaking trip near Charleston, South Carolina. The journal is watercolor paper, that I find so easy to work on with watercolor pencils.  For the cover, I used a cardboard map from an old children’s map set.